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You may not always be able to take an independent study, for a variety of reasons. Ideally randomised control trials would provide more comprehensive results regarding the safety of homebirth however for the nature of the research they remain to be impractical and therefore all studies should be viewed with caution.

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He carried the secret that Hucks father was dead for a long time to protect Huck. For multiparous women there was no significant differences in primary neonatal outcomes between birth settings, which suggests that a homebirth is as safe an option for birth than hospital for women who have previously had uncomplicated spontaneous births.

The study by Janssen et al was a peer reviewed article researched by a number of appropriately qualified individuals, however by comparison of other studies on the outcomes of planned place of birth the study had a relatively small number of participants which might have limited the accuracy of the results as they may not have been fully representative of the population.

Make sure you have the time and desire to do this. Some high schools allow students to take independent studies from their home to continue learning until they are able to return to school. A total of 64, women with low risk pregnancies, as defined by NICE intrapartum care guidelineand included nearly 17, planned homebirths were recruited over a 2 year period with the study comparing results from home, midwife led unit and obstetric led unit births with researchers primarily focusing on rates of mortality and morbidity in relation to the birth setting.

Step 16 Write a title for your paper that captures your topic and makes the reader want to know more about it. Primigravide women are at a greater risk of having a negative outcome regardless of birth setting and so place of birth should continue to remain a choice as long as the woman is fully informed about the increased risks to herself and her neonate and aware of the possible consequences of her decision.

Read our guide to help choose which electives are best for you. However, the senior thesis must be something more than a modest revision of some earlier paper. The birthplace in England Collaborative Group. Evidence suggests this statement to be accurate but with more up to date research becoming available it is fundamental that midwives are aware of recent studies that highlight concerns for the safety of the neonate and in particular the safety concerns surrounding nulliparous women Brocklehurst With the increased risk to the neonate highlighted midwives and in particular midwives within the community should have appropriate, regular neonatal resuscitation training in order to maintain clinical expertise in this field NMC Types of Independent Study Directed Readings These are undergraduate scholarly projects driven by specific texts.

How to Write an Independent Study Paper

These notes will help you the next time you write an independent study paper and need to create a schedule. Currently all low risk women irrespective of parity have the option to birth their baby in their home environment with the support and assistance of registered midwives.

Essays on best programme zulu essays on communities xenophobia pte the essay topics racism essay about charity organisation and donation. If you need help developing these materials, ask your teachers or guidance counselor for advice.

This shows just how superstitious Jim was, to believe a bunch of hair was magic. If you are not confident in your topic choice, consult with your independent study teacher before you start writing.

Are you prepared to design your own course or search for a course package. Prices vary depending on location. If you find yourself overwhelmed by writing, designate times during your independent study hours to take short breaks. Electives are some of the most interesting classes you can take in high school.

Rather than focusing on the place of birth research should be conducted more thoroughly in to who is giving birth and associate these rates with parity rather than place.

How to Write an Independent Study Paper

Generally, you choose what you want your independent study to focus on and request for it to be approved by your school. Independent study essay lsu By, 29th October Essay on opinion holi in marathi essay on technological innovation (essay clothes and fashion research) statistical research paper quantitative problems traffic essay neighbours argumentative essay organisation about abortion pdf?

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Thematic Independent Study Of Recruitment Proposal Form Management Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers.

A Market Leading Independent Academic Support Company. Sample Independent Study Proposal #1 Independent Study Proposal The Representation of Housewives in the media, in the ’s 1. A. Biology 12 Independent Study Unit Essay ISU- Phase 1: Outline of Study The topic I chose is the Effects of Smoking and Second Hand Smoke on the Lungs.

I believe this topic is important to study because we encounter smoking on a daily basis. Independent Study, Bachelor's Essays, and Undergraduate Research Independent Studies and Bachelor's Essays The Department of English offeres opportunities for students to work one-on-one with faculty through English Independent Study and English Bachelor's Essay.

Grade 11 English Independent Study Grade 11 English Independent Study Assignment 2: Growing up 1.

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A) & B) After finishing the selection titled “Eighteen” by Maria Banus, I was completed surprised on how genuine the authors feelings were.

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